Oficial Name:            Republic of Cameroon  

Area:                           475,442 km2

Population:               17 millions

Country Capital:       Yaounde (915,000 inhabitants)

Motto:                         Peace, Work, Fatherland

Cameroon is located in Central Africa. The Pacific Ocean to South, Nigeria and Chad to the

North, and the Central African Republic to the East. Cameroon is divided into 10 provinces. Cameroon has a population of 17million inhabitants. The national capital, Yaounde, is located in the Center province. The largest cities are Douala

(Littoral), Maroua (Far North). English and French are the country’s official language; people

also speak their vernacular language and pidgin, which is derived from English.

Bui Division, one of the 58 divisions in Cameroon, is made up of five Sub-divisions. It has a population of about 480,000 inhabitants. It is made up of one of the largest ethnic groups in the entire country with the Nso tribe as the paramount fondom.

Bui Division (district) is one of the 7 divisions, which make up the North-West-Province in Cameroon. Bui Division is made up of six subdivisions which include Kumbo Central, Nkum, Jakiri, Mbven, Elak and Noni Subdivision and has a population of over 480 000. Seventy-five percent of this population live in rural areas below the poverty line. This is a consequence of their economic dependence on agricultural practices, which have become considerably low yielding following Cameroon’s economic crisis, which began in the early 1980s. This poverty has been increased by the subsequent fall of coffee and cocoa within the world market, which was a major source of income for many farmers in the area.