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The Dungri Information & Communications Technology (ICT) Project is an initiative of NAVTI Foundation Cameroon and SBIGWEB CIG, Cameroon since 2004. It aims to bring 21st century technology and related education applications to rural communities.

‘Dungri’ is an old Lamnso (the regional language) word meaning "to educate".



Only 15% of the literate population has

computer experience.

 Most computers in the region are refurbished 486's or Pentium II's.

The current ratio is 1 computer to 80 students.

 The introduction of Computer Education as a subject for National Examination throughout

Cameroon requires secondary school students to become computer literate.

There is high rural-urban youth migration due to the search for further education

opportunities such as computer skills.

 High fees charged by the few existing operators make it impossible for many to afford classes..


We're out to change all of that for the better




We’re out to change all that for the better!