The DUNGRI - Computer Center Project is one of the projects designed by the Computer department of the NAVTI FOUNDATION NGO, CAMEROON. It's

aimed at improving computer literacy. We will do this by creating

Community Computer Centres in each town with above 5000

people in Bui Division. We will also provide schools with Com-

puter Educational Centres. In addition, we aim to set up

Hardware and Microsoft-Linux, Cisco training schools in major

areas of Cameroon and shall proceed to Internet distribution.


Our  partner

NAVTI Foundation (HongKong and Cameroon) has gone into

collaboration with Caritas, a big Catholic NGO in HongKong.

They have accepted, as partner, the task of collecting good com-

puters which they donate to us. We have to sponsor transport and

pay handling charges per computer. Our target is 2000

computers a year.


Why we created this project

We created the Computer and Information Technology project

because:The Ministry of Secondary Education in Cameroon

report ranks the North-West province as having a high illiteracy

rate. This is because of the high poverty level. This hinders

parents from sending their children to school. Furthermore, those

who can afford to go most often often end their schooling at a

primary educational level.


Low levels of Computer literacy

Computer literacy level stands at less then 15 % of the literate

population of this region.

Most computers found in this region are refurbished Pentium 2

models with many still refurbished 486 models.



What we offer schools in Cameroon


Refurbished late model computers for educational use only.

Trained staff and former students who will teach in the various centres.

Technical staff in our organisation to maintain the equipment.


Schools shall provide their own computer teachers and housing facilities. Students shall pay a token fee for the maintenance cost.


Your application is welcome!

If you would like to apply on behalf of your school, please fill out our standard application form (available here for you to print) .






Graduation Day at Tobin Centre


For most students, this  is their first  computer session

Students at  St. John Bosco, Ngarum receive their first computers


Fon of  Ngarum  uses one of NAVTI’s donated computers